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Monday 15 August 2016
In this episode we decided to take a jaunt to The Academy restaurant to have a chat with Alec Weir about Spruce Carpets
Monday 8 August 2016
The third in a series of interviews with Chief Executive of Kibble Graham Bell, and Marketing, Funding and Communications Manager, Lesley Fuller.
Monday 25 July 2016
Part two of our interview with Andy Kerr, Chief Executive of Sense Scotland. We talk about frustration, funding and how to strengthen socent
Friday 15 July 2016
Andy Kerr, Chief Executive of Sense Scotland, took a trip down to The Experience to talk about the tough decisions CEOs must make on a daily basis.

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Tuesday 8 September 2015
How our intrepid podcaster found out about social enterprise and why others need an introduction to social enterprise.
Monday 7 September 2015
What is KPN? Let this blog post tell you everything you need to know about the podcast network, its focus and its purpose.